"Touchstone: A basalt or slate rock used for assaying precious metals. Before accurate analysis was possible gold and silver was struck against the touchstone to test for quality against a known standard."

Welcome to Touchstone Legal Services

We offer experience and expertise to businesses in the areas of general commercial, intellectual property and IT law. We engage fully with our clients to ensure our technical skills and service delivery achieves the highest quality standards.

We are comfortable advising larger corporates at board level but just as at ease helping start-ups, small to medium sized enterprises and owner managed businesses to create a sound trading framework and protect their intellectual property. We have a number of technical writers and designers who rely on our legal assistance.

Many of our clients are other firms of solicitors who do not have their own full time intellectual property or IT law specialists but whose clients require assistance in intellectual property, data protection and e-commerce matters.

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We do not have any control over the activities of Yoshki Limited and this service, we understand that the click on verification and information service uses Google Analytics (which our site does not) and they do not appear to seek individual visitors’ consent to such use. We have, as obliged by our Rules of Conduct, included a link to this SRA clickable logo on our website but based on this information you will have to make your own informed decision as to whether or not you wish to click on the link.