"Touchstone: A basalt or slate rock used for assaying precious metals. Before accurate analysis was possible gold and silver was struck against the touchstone to test for quality against a known standard."

Services for Large Companies

National companies who are located in the Herts, Beds and North London area have diverse legal needs. Many will not have an in-house legal team but will need to call on various legal expertise each year. At Touchstone Legal Services we are experienced in drafting and negotiating procurement contracts, supply terms, outsourcing arrangements and providing larger corporate with general contract advice. We also specialise in identifying, managing and exploiting intellectual property and understand the complex laws related to data protection.


  • Business software development contract for a public body. Contract value £6.4 million; drafting and negotiating terms (including the tender documentation), reviewing tender responses against legal requirements, negotiating both legal and commercial terms, drafting, redrafting, round-table negotiation, final review and maintenance of the definitive documentation.
  • Outsourced services facilitation agreement for the largest magazine and periodical publisher; negotiation and drafting, including operative schedules, directly with the customer’s directors.
  • On-line terms of trade for the UK arm of mainland Europe’s largest homeware goods marketing operation. Advice regarding EU and UK laws on electronic trade and distance selling.
  • End customer software licensing agreement for UK exclusive distributor/re-seller.
  • Outsourced cleaning contract for the UK’s largest leisure facility providers; drafting and negotiating terms, creating scales of service delivery and levels of service credits.
  • IP Audit and advice regarding the ownership of trademarks, design rights and domain names for a well-known group of engineering companies.
  • Successfully defending an international on-line trader from allegation of unregistered design/copyright infringement.
  • Successfully prosecuting patent infringement in Spain for UK subsidiary of a US public washroom products manufacturer.
  • Providing advice to, maintaining the portfolio of and prosecuting applications for registration of trademarks worldwide for an international high street chain.
  • Advising international sports centre owners on use of CCTV and collection, use and retention of club members personal information.

As a member of the Network of Independent Business Lawyers Touchstone Legal Services can introduce clients to highly experienced specialist lawyers in most areas of law related to businesses ownership and management: Property, Employment, Tax, Company and Corporate.