"Touchstone: A basalt or slate rock used for assaying precious metals. Before accurate analysis was possible gold and silver was struck against the touchstone to test for quality against a known standard."

Services for Small to Medium sized Enterprises and Owner Managed Businesses

The practical and pragmatic advice given to SME’s and OMB’s by Touchstone Legal Services stems from over 25 years experience of providing commercial legal advice to this sector.

We offer fast, practical, pro-active responses with the added benefit of having an entrepreneur’s eye on the client’s objectives. We act as trusted advisor in legal matters and can be called upon at any time to stand firmly on the client’s side in any contractual negotiation or intellectual property disputes.

Our expertise will help OMB’s and SME’s to budget well to protect their intellectual property and provide workable methodologies and timetables to match the client’s funds and aspirations.


  • On-line terms and conditions, and privacy policy for a small product manufacturer, together with terms to enable customers to auction second hand goods.
  • Sub-contractors agreement for the supply of services, with back to back liabilities from the main contract.
  • Recovery of trademark and trading names from licensee who breached terms of agreement.
  • Advice on retention of personal data by an on-line business networking organisation where data was held for the purposes of completing an agreed transaction and the collection of fees.
  • Advice to firm on their use of CCTV in a private car park.
  • Registration of trademark and domain name strategy for a start-up.
  • Design registrations for a new restaurant concept.
  • Advice and licence drafting for a character merchandiser in children’s toy market.
  • Drafting agreements for co-authors of technical magazine articles.
  • Advising local design agency on recovery of designs (collecting payment in lieu).

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