"Touchstone: A basalt or slate rock used for assaying precious metals. Before accurate analysis was possible gold and silver was struck against the touchstone to test for quality against a known standard."

Services for Solicitors

Many firms of solicitors are looking at new models of management and outsourcing specialist areas of expertise is one way of providing an appropriate level of expertise without the risk and expense of taking on full time employees.

Touchstone Legal Services’ high expertise and reasonable rates means that firms can offer a high quality of intellectual property, data protection and IT law advice and assistance to its clients without the corresponding overhead to the firm.

The model of outsourcing can vary from the fully “wrapped” consultancy to open referral; depending on the level of work outsourced and the requirements of the client firm’s own clients.


  • Trademark portfolio audit and management for an international group in the leisure industry.
  • Advice to on-line magazine regarding copyright and libel.
  • Data protection advice for a long standing client of a local St Albans firm.
  • Settlement of a dispute regarding use of a database.
  • Drafting and negotiating a business sale agreement where intellectual property was the only asset being transferred.
  • Manufacturing licence, where product has patent protection.
  • UK Trademark applications and management of worldwide agents for applications, prosecutions and renewals.
  • Drafting terms of trade for e-commerce entrant (including terms for customers to sell on used products).
  • Consultant Designer’s terms of trade and consultancy contract drafting.